When is social media…. Just too far… too much… cross the line for you??

Social media has grown massivly over the past few years with the introduction of Facebook and Twitter the two main social networking sites in the world today. Facebook has millions of users and so does twitter, with this many followers some people are going to cross the line with bullys and mocking and saying unecessary comments. These things happen daily on the sites and their is no real way in preventing it besides facebook deleting that person from the site.

But what I think is too far is when a sports player suffered a massive injury and people go onto these social networking sites just to comment on this player and wish furture injury on worse on him/her. I dont think that there is a need for this. these sites where made in order for people to socialise and interact with eachother, not for bullying and other comment.


Bullying on social networks

Sadly, some people use social networks to tease and bully others.

Cyberbullies can:

  • post abusive messages on your profile wall
  • add rude comments to a picture you’ve uploaded
  • put a video or photo on their own profile that makes fun of someone and encourage their friends to send it to others

Bullying on social networks can be tough to deal with, especially if a victim is being bullied by the same person at school.

Because it often happens on your own computer at home, online bullying can be very difficult to get away from.

If you feel like you’re being bullied on your personal profile, there are some things you can do.

I think that this needs to be taken much more serious by the law because of the amount of users on these sites.



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