What have i learned from NTFM?

I learned much more about social media, blogging and other sites like linkedin. I have also learned a lot about google and how they structure their pages and listing, and why so links or on the top and so on.

I would suggest to people rading this blog that if you have an interest in the new tchnology side of marketing and you get a chance to do this course i would highly recomment that you do. You will broaden you knoledge of social media and other sites.

I found the blogging part of the course very interesting and now with the knoledge of wordpress i hope to start blogging on golfing event around the world on a weekly bases.

I would like to take this opprtunity to thank both my lecturers Colette and CatherineΒ for there help and knoledge of the course in the last semester.


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