Twitter is a relitivly new social networking site. It is very popular in the states with most celebrities and sports stars tweeting daily about there day to day lifes. Twitter is also used world wide but has yet to catch on like facebook has, twitter still has millions of users but noting close to reaching a billion users like facebook. In time in my opinion twitter will out do facebook and will be used by more and more people around the world. Twitter is different to facebook in many ways, on facebook you generialy are friends with people who you are actually friends with in your life but on twitter you folloe people (anybody) who you show an interest in may in be a celeb or and sports person you are a fan of. Trending is also very popular on twiiter and is one of many features it has. Trending is what people say and if it is said by enough people it was start trending. For E.G. #themoon, If a lot of people starting tweeting this and it caught on it would start trending and show up on the lefthand side of your screes.



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